Restore Strategies | Book List for anyone engaging in Foster Care
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Book List for anyone engaging in Foster Care

Book List for anyone engaging in Foster Care


We hope this book list helps to enlighten and encourage you as you seek to understand the child welfare system, it’s effects, and the ways you can engage with its restoration


Faith and Motivation


“Adopted for Life” – Russell D. Moore
“Anatomy of the Soul” – Curt Thompson
“Faith & Foster Care” – John DeGarmo
“Ministries of Mercy” – Tim Keller
“Orphan Justice: How to care for orphans beyond adopting” – Johnny Carr
“Reclaiming Adoption” – Dan Cruver, John Piper, et. al


Trauma, Child Development, and Parenting


“The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog” – Bruce Perry
“Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain” – Dan Siegel
“The Connected Child” – Karyn Purvis, David Cross, Wendy Sunshine
“Parenting the Hurt Child” – Gregory Keck & Regina Kupecky
“The Whole Brain Child” – Dan Siegel


Understanding the System


“A Framework for Understanding Poverty” – Ruby K. Payne
“When helping hurts” – Steve Corbett, Brian Fikkert
“The Lost Children of Wilder” – Nina Bernstein
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