Restore Strategies | Picking a Local Mission Focus
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Picking a Local Mission Focus

In seeking to mobilize an entire church, it is important to eliminate as many barriers as possible. Choice is actually a barrier and too many options can actually make it too overwhelming to serve. So, we often recommend you pick something that your church can focus on.

Before we get to the questions, there are a few reminders that are helpful as you plan:

1. God built the Church in your city. He is over every aspect of it. He chose the people to be in your body and he gave them specific gifts.

2. Every local church is a little different. These differences could be geographic, demographic, socio-economic, cultural, and more.

3. In light of #1 and #2, consider that God has a specific purpose for your church, one that only your church can best fulfill.

So, in light of these three truths…take some time to think through the following questions either individually or with your leadership team:

Start with your church:

1. What makes your church unique in your city? (Another way to think about this is to admit the stereotype others have of your church. This might not be accurate, but it is usually based on some level of truth)
2. What are the greatest strengths and assets that your church has?
3. Is there a geographic location or people group in your city that God has given your church extra favor with or an extra burden to reach?
4. What is the average age (or age groups) of your church? How does this information inform the types of things they can or cannot do?
5. Are there people already serving in key areas of the city? Are they leaders/Do they have others following them?
6. Is there something that you or your pastoral leadership team is passionate about?

Then move to your city:

7. What are the most pressing needs in your city?
8. What is the reputation of the church in your city? How will that affect your ability to partner or work with certain agencies?
9. What already exists that could be something your church could join?
10. What is missing in your city? What people or issues are being overlooked?
11. Who are people you or your leaders could talk to in order to learn more about your city and its biggest needs.

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