Restore Strategies | About Us Non-Profit Page
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About Us Non-Profit Page


Leading a non-profit is a ton of work, and there is so much to do. We believe that getting volunteers to serve your organization should be simple, so we created Restore Strategies. We help connect your non-profit with volunteers from churches in your city.


We believe that together we can have a better impact than we can apart.


We have created a tool that efficiently and effectively connects potential volunteers to you, instantly. Learn more about our City Sync Tool ( link ) here.


Does it cost anything to be a partner?

No.  You will never have to pay us to connect to volunteers.  We have other sources of funding that allow us to offer this to you completely free of charge.

How do we keep our volunteer opportunities current?

You are welcome to submit new volunteer opportunities at any point. To make changes to current opportunities or take them down, just shoot us an email and let us know.

Do I have to change my current volunteer management system?

No, we do not replace your current volunteer structure.  Once your volunteer opportunities are live, then you will simply receive an email when someone signs up telling you their contact information and what they signed up to do.

We don’t have a volunteer coordinator on staff. Can we still partner with Restore?

Definitely! We work with several different organizations who don’t necessarily have one particular volunteer coordinator on staff. Rather, they designate each opportunity to a different staff member or even have a volunteer fill in this role.

How do we recruit our volunteers?

We do not actively recruit volunteers. We simply connect our non-profit partners with churches in their area who have people that are looking to serve.

How long will it take for my volunteer opportunities to be on websites after they are submitted?

We should have your volunteer opportunities live on sites within 72 hours of you submitting them!

Our Partner Organizations:

Eager to learn more? We’re excited to hear from you!