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About Us Restore

Empowering your church to transform your city.


Cities are full of brokenness and most efforts to address this are not effective. We believe that the church is the primary means that God has established to bring restoration to a city, but often, the church’s efforts to make any real impact fall short.


Because your faithful work can lead to more than just busyness, frustration, and fatigue. We understand because we’ve been there. But, we’ve found that city restoration can be joyful, real, and lasting.


Let us help! By taking advantage of what we’ve already experienced, your efforts to love and care for your city can be more focused and more effective. Learn how you can use the theology, concepts, and tools of Restore Strategies to make a real difference in your city.


The initial concept for Restore Strategies was birthed in 2008 by a group of leaders at the Austin Stone who desired to be more than just the church in the city–more than just part of the city or a mere observer of the city–but to be a church for the city, advocating for its renewal and restoration.

To reflect this mission, they considered starting programs that would work to accomplish a variety of things–students succeeding in school, homeless moving into stable housing, jobless connecting to regular employment, sick finding healthcare, families restoring brokenness.

But after spending time researching best practices across the city and nation, they quickly realized that there were many great organizations, institutions, ministries, and grassroots efforts already doing extensive work in their communities.

This group did not want to reinvent the wheel, duplicate services, and in turn, use resources inefficiently. Instead, they wanted to maximize what already existed and help others do more by mobilizing volunteers and encouraging collaboration and partnership.

Initially part of For the City, our desire to be for the city by maximizing and catalyzing individual, community, and city restoration efforts has become the driving force behind our goal to be a resource for our cities across the country. Through the years we have seen that the biggest needs to mobilize the church are not more ministries, but better ways to challenge, motivate, and connect people in the church to the thousands of great ministries and organizations that already exist.

Restore Strategies officially launched out of For the City in September 2015 as a way to take the lessons, strategies, and tools we have developed over the years and deliver them to any church that wants to make an impact in their city.

The For the City Center

The For the City Center is a physical representation of our mission to maximize and catalyze restoration efforts.

The FTCC is a place for partnering nonprofits and other Austin-area organizations to reside, share meeting space, and join hands in the effort to maximize each others’ work toward city renewal.

Our hope is that by fostering collaboration and leveraging others’ strengths, we will be able to do immeasurably more together for Austin.

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