Restore Strategies | Campaigns
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A Campaign is a focused engagement strategy with systems, tools, and ideas to educate your church, engage them in a compelling vision of restoration, and mobilize them to a specific area of brokenness in your city.

For many of us, it can be difficult to understand all of the challenges and nuances connected to every social issue in the city. As a result, the efforts of the church often become scattered and ineffective. We develop campaigns to help the church narrow its focus and achieve actual results. We work with non-profits and other agencies in a city to understand the issue, learn the best practices, and put together the best opportunities for engagement.


We envision a city with no children waiting for care and no families struggling in isolation. Unfortunately, the reality that exists in our city includes thousands of children in foster care. These children are waiting for advocates, mentors, foster families, and ultimately a forever family. They are waiting for their physical needs to be met and for their precious lives to be acknowledged in community. We believe that the restoration of children and families must happen through the participation of the whole Church. Not only should we engage in meeting the current needs that exist for children in foster care but we should seek to provide an abundance of support in hopes that the need would ultimately no longer exist.
Let’s live out the gospel, being both reactive and proactive so that the children and families in our city might experience healing  and restoration.


We want to transform our city to be a place where men, women, and children are safe from being exploited, and places of care and hope for survivors of human trafficking. However, thousands of people are being exploited and abused in our cities through human trafficking. The call of the Church is to go, to demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone because he is the only hope for restoration, healing, and wholeness for survivors of trafficking and exploitation.
Let’s be a Church that refuses to stand by while human beings are abused and exploited. Let’s be a Church that defends the dignity of human life, working to protect vulnerable populations of people from being trafficked, as well as a Church that provides, shelters, and cares for those who have been trafficked.



We are always working on new campaigns to help churches engage the specific issues their city faces. If your church is interested in an issue not listed above (ie. homelessness, refugees, inner city education, etc), we can help you design a new campaign that fits your needs. For more information, contact us below.