Restore Strategies | City Sync Pricing and Features
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As Pastors, we have so much to do, and we can’t do it all.

City Sync has helped pastors just like you succeed in local mission and mobilize thousands to engage the poor in their cities

City Sync is like having team of staff managing your local missions efforts and connecting your church to the best non-profit partners, but at a fraction of the cost.  Spend more time with your people, and let us worry about your system.



The poor are neglected
Cities are full of brokenness and most efforts to address this are not effective. Churches are understaffed and do not have time to build the systems and partnerships needed to effectively address these needs.  Pastors want to do more, but time and complexity makes it difficult to know how to move forward.

The Usual Solution:

Periodic Events
For most churches, this means that local missions engagement is reduced to periodic events or simply links to a few outside partners on their website.  The call to the church is often passive or so infrequent that many pastors feel stuck and frustrated.  Church members are also left confused about how to get involved.

A Better


Your Church on Mission
What if everyone in your church could connect with the best non-profits in your city in seconds, finding the perfect place that fits their passions, schedule, and location?  This is what most churches want, but setting it up is too much work…until now. Let us help you connect every person in your church to meaningful mission in your city!

You can have City Sync up and running in less than 15 minutes.




Monthly Pricing starting at:


Actual Pricing determined by church size

  • basic

  • $29/MO
  • Includes:


    • Unlimited Users
    • Access to all Non-Profit Partners in your city
    • Co-Branded clean webpage
    • Search and Filter Opportunities
    • Automated Communication
    • Volunteer Customer Service
    • Dashboard of engagement analytics
Best price
  • Standard

  • $49/MO
  • Includes everything in Basic plus:


    • Multiple layout and design templates
    • Featured Volunteer Opportunities
    • Fully Branded site on your church’s web domain
    • Customizable communication to volunteers at sign up
    • up to 3 internal church ministries
    • You decide which Non-Profit Partners are available on your site
    • 50% off Local Missions Lab
  • Premium

  • $149/MO
  • Includes everything in Standard plus:


    • Full Website Integration
    • Unlimited Customization
    • WordPress Plugin
    • Website Development Assistance
    • Fully Customizable Communications
    • Unlimited Internal Church Ministries
    • Custom Reporting
    • Web Analytics
    • Access to Local Missions Lab

Clean and Simple way for your church to get on mission

We take away the hassle of creating a website and maintaining current contact information, making it easier than ever for your church to connect to mission.

  • Ready to use templates
  • Searchable list of ways to serve
  • Simple process to connect your church

You control the experience of your church without needing to be a web developer.  With only a few clicks you can easily:

  • Customize Branding and Messaging
  • Highlight specific organizations or issues
  • Add or remove non-profit partners from your search list
  • Host our system on your web domain

Control and Customization to fit your mission strategy

More Ways to Serve and Less Administrative Work  For Your Staff

For most local mission leads, communication and administrative work fill their time. You get more time to pastor your people because City Sync provides:

  • Up-to-Date volunteer opportunities for your city
  • Automated Communication from your email address
  • Next steps automatically sent to volunteers upon sign up
  • Customer Support to ensure that each volunteer is connected

Now you can finally see exactly what every person in your church is doing to serve the city so that you can celebrate what God is doing and make changes as needed.  City Sync gives you:

  • Access to all signup information
  • An up-to-date dashboard so you can see trends over time
  • Downloadable reports so you can celebrate actual results with your team and your church!

Accurately Measure Results  and Celebrate Progress

Mobilizing your church should not be complicated…

and it doesn’t have to be.  Your church can and should be sending more people into the broken and needy places across your city, and we can make it simple.  Set up City Sync in less than 15 minutes and learn how we can help your church reach your city!

Here are a few of the many churches

that already use City Sync: