Restore Strategies | City Sync
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City Sync


City Sync is an innovative web tool that connects churches and non-profits together for mission

Giving you…

– More time to focus on leading people rather than administrative tasks

– Certainty that people from your church are getting connected and cared for

– The ability to lead your church to deeper investment in the city

– A full picture of where your church is serving and what difference it is making

Giving your church…

– Access to mission opportunities all over your city

– Clear, personal paths for each person to get involved

– Tailored communication and encouragement to keep them invested

– Momentum that is exciting and contagious.

What is it?


City Sync is a fully integrated system that links our database of non-profit partners and volunteer opportunities to your church. We do all of the work and your church gets all of the credit. Your members can search from hundreds of ways to connect to the marginalized by their interest, availability, location, and more. Once they take their first step, our system and staff go to work. The best part is, you can finally know where your church is serving and what kind of impact your church is making in the city.

Where City Sync is currently located:

Add your city to the list for our next City Sync launch.