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Many churches today are looking to build a healthy Foster Care Ministry.  We understand that this is no easy task.  That is why we grouped together a collection or resources to help pastors, church members, and volunteers engage this issue with loving wisdom.  Learn from the successes and failures of others who have thought deeply about Foster Care and who currently practice this ministry today.

What is in the Starter Kit?

Pastor & Church Leader Resources

  • 8 Critical Elements to Build Foster Care Ministry

    How do you practically start a community around orphan care? Any healthy care Foster Care Ministry needs these 8 components.

  • 7 Steps to Effectively Partner with City Experts

    For wholistic and maximum church impact, there are 7 critical steps one must take to partner with city experts outside the church.

  • 5 Focuses in Pastoring: An Interview

    Find out what an interviewed pastor has learned when shepherding Foster Care Families.

Volunteer & Church Member Resources

  • 6 Week Bible Study: How To Support Foster Families

    How do you care for a families who parent kids from hard places? This Study comes with stories of Foster Parents and church members living in this world every day.

  • 5 Week Class: Mercy & Foster Care

    How do you persevere foster care? This 5-week classroom course helps one understand why mercy is the answer.

  • 5 Foster Care Case Studies

    This Case Study packet helps one considering Foster Care see the challenges one must face in his or her own heart when fostering.

... And Much More

Create a Foster Parents Night Out

Having a Parents Night Out blesses and serves Fostering Families by allowing parents to rest who do not normally get it due to needing a certified Foster Care Sitter.  Learn how to create one at your church.

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Other resources included...

  • Diagram: How does the Foster Care System Work?
  • Creating a Foster Care Church Culture
  • Top 10 Foster Care Books
  • The Problem Cycle in Foster Care
  • Mobilizing the Church toward Foster Care Tool
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