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Your Online Course for Local Mission Success

 A clear plan for mobilizing your church

A renewed vision for your city

A better understanding of brokenness

The best next steps for local mission success

As ministry leaders we understand the difficulties of moving the church to help the poor consistently. We feel under-resourced, see little involvement, and sometimes do not even know where to start.  

That is why we created the Local Mission Lab…

Course Description

You will Learn:
How to motivate your church to take action

How to train your church for success in mission

How to overcome barriers to church involvement

How to avoid the most common mistakes leaders make in missions

How build a better missions strategy

A Simple Process

Register Online
Complete your training
Help your church transform the city

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We have helped churches across the country mobilize thousands of volunteers to engage their city.


How to Become a Church “For the City”


  •   Becoming a church “For the City”
  •   How to better understand your community
  •   Case Studies and Examples

A Theology for Local Mission


  •   Gospel Metaphors in Mission
  •   Gospel Application in Mission
  •   Mercy and Justice
  •   Understanding Poverty
  •   Biblical Response to Poverty
  •   and more…

Strategies for Mobilizing the church


  •   Addressing the REAL problem
  •   Getting people to care
  •   Moving from casual involvement to investment
  •   The biggest mistake in Local Mission
  •   Rhythms of a mission leader

Effective Methods to Communicate a Compelling Vision


  •   The best communication strategies in local mission
  •   The power of Storytelling
  •   Strategies and tips you can implement immediately
  •   and more…

You also get:

  •   Answers to some of the toughest questions in local mission
  •   Resources and Planning Tools to help you turn ideas into action steps
  •   Strategies to improve your church benevolence ministry
  •   Unlimited access to all future content added to the Local Missions Lab
  •   Connection to a community of like minded missions leaders

Join the Lab Today

Unlimited Access to All Lab Content


(Per User) 

Still not sure?  Get started with our Local Mission Lab Primer for FREE.  These five videos will give you a taste of the content included in the full Lab.  In the Primer we will cover:

  •   The biggest MISTAKE churches make in Local mission
  •   The biggest BARRIER to people in your church engaging in the city
  •   A biblical VISION for Local Mission
  •   How to MOTIVATE your church to action